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August 21 2020

One more stimulus check from Congress won't be enough. This is what will really help - CNN

CNNWhat we need in this moment to meet the need and help families who are struggling is a Covid-19 guaranteed income, with direct, recurring cash payments for all Americans -- including immigrants -- that last at least until the economic hardship of this public health crisis ends.A form of Universal Basic Income, this guaranteed income is unconditional, won't interfere with other social safety net benefits and would help give Americans an income floor during a time of great economic instability.READ MORE

Dangerous Ideas lectures now available to Stanford community | Stanford News - stanford.edu

stanford.edu“We created the course to show students how these fields – even when speaking about remote eras or distant cultures – can help us make sense of ourselves and our world in the current moment, and bring vital perspectives to contemporary debates,” said Jeff Schwegman, assistant dean of humanities and social sciences, who organized “Dangerous Ideas” with Lanier Anderson , a professor of philosophy and senior associate dean of the humanities and arts.Among the 10 faculty members featured in the “Dangerous Ideas” lecture course (clockwise from top left): Mark Applebaum, music; Juliana Bidadanure, philosophy; James Campbell, history; and Ato Quayson, English.READ MORE

Germans sign up for universal basic income | World - The Times

The TimesA group of 120 Germans will each receive a lump sum of €1,200 a month for three years in the country’s first systematic experiment with an unconditional basic income. The notion of giving individuals regular cash handouts regardless of whether they have jobs has gained traction on both the right and the left of the political spectrum as a means to even out economic disparities. READ MORE

Germany begins Universal Basic Income trial lasting for 3 years - Business Insider - Business Insider

Business InsiderSupporters say it reduces inequality and improves public wellbeing, while opponents argue it is too expensive and discourages work.As part of the study, 120 individuals will receive the equivalent of $1,430 a month for 3 years, which is just above Germany's poverty line, with their life outcomes compared to another group of 1,300 people who will not receive the payments.READ MORE

Universal basic income, blockchain and more: Reimagining the next decade - Marketplace

MarketplaceMauro Guillén, a professor of management at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business and author of the new book “ 2030: How Today’s Biggest Trends Will Collide and Reshape the Future of Everything ,” spoke with “Marketplace Morning Report” host David Brancaccio about this.Brancaccio : Now, as we reimagine the economy to make it work better for more people, you spend a lot of time [in your book] on a technological advance.READ MORE

“The Price Of Tomorrow” by Jeff Booth - Book Review - Forbes

ForbesBooth is also persuasive when he concludes that we don’t need jobs for our lives to have meaning: “We are trapped in a system where we don’t know what we would do with ourselves if we didn’t have jobs … allowing abundance without the jobs might actually open an entirely new enlightenment era where we have time to enjoy the benefits that technology brings.”Latterly, he spends more time helping younger entrepreneurs achieve their goals, and also talking to people who are thinking big-picture thoughts about the future.READ MORE

Does Joe Biden’s Choice Of Kamala Harris Signal Support For A $2,000 Monthly Stimulus Check? - Forbes

ForbesIf Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris take the White House, it may make passing the next stimulus package, including another round of Economic Impact Payments, before January 2021 extremely difficult.Interestingly, while he supported the $1,200 stimulus check in the CARES Act, he describes it as a "one-off," noting that Congress didn't approve direct student loan forgiveness or increases to Social Security.READ MORE

Universal Basic Income: Free Money For Everybody? - Forbes

ForbesThis episode of What’s Ahead scrutinizes a concept that is gaining popular support across the political spectrum: the government giving every adult a minimum income—say, $1,000 a month—whether you work or not. READ MORE

Universal basic income gains momentum in America - The Economist

The EconomistThey had exhausted their savings, when she received a one-time $1,000 cash infusion as part of a scheme run by Neighbourhood Trust, a financial coaching non-profit, and Humanity Forward, an organisation devoted to building support for universal basic income ( UBI ) founded by Andrew Yang.UBI was the centrepiece of Mr Yang’s run for the Democratic presidential nomination, in which he advocated a guaranteed income of $1,000 a month, a “Freedom Dividend”, as he called it, for every American adult, regardless of their financial circumstances.READ MORE

South Africa will not have universal basic income grant this year, minister says - Reuters

ReutersJOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - South Africa will not implement a universal basic income grant until at least March, Social Development Minister Lindiwe Zulu said in an interview on Friday, rolling back a pledge to have it ready by October.They are due to expire in October, but Zulu said it was unrealistic to expect a universal basic income grant by then.READ MORE

A new overview report from the Stanford UBI Lab | BIEN - Basic Income News

Basic Income NewsThe Basic Income Lab at the University of Stanford has published a useful overview report, What we know about Universal Basic Income: A cross-synthesis of reviews A new overview report from the Stanford UBI Lab READ MORE

The great reset must place social justice at its centre - World Economic Forum

World Economic ForumAfter decades of austerity policy imposed by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on Latin American, African and other lower-income economies as a false cure for recessionary cycles, rich countries’ responses to the macro-economic effects of the COVID-19 crisis have spectacularly rejected the public sector restraint sold to developing countries as foundational to post-war capitalism.Governments in low-income countries can do better if they pull in private investment to finance profitable projects and push public finances to fund projects that have low economic but high social value to ensure that services are always accessible to the most vulnerable groups.READ MORE

South Africa to Replace Emergency Coronavirus Cash Transfer with Basic Income Grant | BIEN - Basic Income News

Basic Income NewsSouth Africa to Replace Emergency Coronavirus Cash Transfer with Basic Income Grant On 13 July, the Minister of Social Development Lindiwe Zulu announced that the government is intending to implement a basic income grant (BIG) from October 2020, the last month the coronavirus grant is available.READ MORE

Santa Clara Co. Launches Nation’s First Universal Basic Income For Young Adults Who Were In Foster Care - CBS San Francisco

CBS San FranciscoThe participants were prioritized by age, as older former foster youth are more in need of the assistance, said Sandhya Hermon from the Santa Clara County Social Services Agency.The program, approved last month by the Board of Supervisors, provides a monthly stipend of $1,000 for a year to former foster youth ages 24 and over who are too old to receive foster assistance.READ MORE

Blog: Solidarity after the Pandemic: Basic Income or Basic Services? - The Nelson Daily

The Nelson DailyA basic service we’ve all experienced is so deep-seated that we take it for granted: we pay taxes for our public health-care system, but it’s free to use when we need it and supported as a matter of civic pride.They point out that the greatest needs are those that form a basic standard of living and support the determinants of health: clean water, pharmacare, safe and affordable housing, good-quality child and long-term care, and transportation and internet services that rapidly connect this vast country, among others.READ MORE

Santa Clara County Launches Universal Basic Income Program - KCBS

KCBSThe county announced Monday it is launching a pilot of a universal basic income program, which would provide 72 former foster youth with $1,000 a month.The idea of universal basic income has become more mainstream in recent years .READ MORE

The push for universal basic income is gaining momentum amid the pandemic - MarketWatch

MarketWatchTo solve this problem, the United Nations Development Programme found that distributing a temporary basic income to 2.7 billion people living below or just above the poverty line in 132 developing countries would help curb the pandemic, according to a report released this month.The basics of universal basic income and guaranteed basic income Universal basic income, popularized by former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang , is meant to provide a steady stream of income to people with no strings attached, similar to the stimulus checks Americans received as part of the $2.2 trillion CARES Act.READ MORE

6 Laws Of Zero Will Shape Our Future. For The Better Or Worse Is Up To Us.

ForbesOur Future Perfect approach, which builds on an approach developed by Alan Kay for inventing the future, projects the Laws of Zero into the future to imagine how vast resources could address important needs in key pillars of society, such as electricity, food, manufacturing, transportation, shelter, climate, education and healthcare.The basic idea is that six key drivers of humanity’s progress—computing, communications, information, energy, water and transportation—are headed toward zero cost.READ MORE

Study: a universal basic income would grow the economy

VoxMany, if not most, economic modelers would come to very different conclusions: that a basic income discourages work, that raising taxes to pay for it could have profound negative economic impacts, and that not paying for it and exploding the deficit is a recipe for fiscal and economic ruin.Thus, they find that a full $12,000 a year per adult basic income, paid for with progressive income taxes, would grow the economy by about 2.62 percent ($515 billion) and expand the labor force by about 1.1 million people.READ MORE

Stimulus plan a missed opportunity - The Irish Times

The Irish TimesSir, – The Government stimulus package of grants, tax cuts and guaranteed loans to revive the economy represents a weak response, a squandering of the available €7.4 billion and a waste of opportunity which will result in a low multiplier return to the national economy and have little effect in healing an unjust and unequal society.The time is right for the implementation of a universal basic income which would give confidence to all, ensure a greater return to the economy and renew our society.READ MORE

The Universal Income Grant: An old idea that may have a new impetus in South Africa - Daily Maverick

Daily MaverickHe warmed to an idea of fundamentally reforming welfare along the lines of what had been proposed for years by economist Milton Friedman – the negative income tax (NIT).By contrast, the NIT would take an axe to all those social welfare laws, regulations, administrations and managers; substituting for all of it a straightforward mechanism that would simply deliver money to every poor family, via the existing national tax system.READ MORE

This is what universal basic income looks like - Must Read Alaska

Must Read AlaskaIt’s our nation’s sudden and accidental leap into universal basic income, an idea that has been pushed by many thought leaders from the Left, including former presidential candidate Andrew Yang, who ran on the platform of giving a $1,000 monthly check for every man and woman over the age of 18, all paid for by companies that would owe a new tax to the federal government.Proponents say that a universal basic income would take the stigma out of getting a government check, and Zuckerberg said that such a program would “make sure that everyone has a cushion to try new ideas.”READ MORE

Elon Musk advocates for universal basic income instead of second stimulus check - Digital Trends

Digital TrendsTesla CEO Elon Musk wants his followers to know he still supports universal basic income, even though he thinks another coronavirus stimulus package from the U.S. government is a bad idea.With national expansions of unemployment ending in July, taxpayers are anxious to receive additional financial support from a further coronavirus relief bill, especially as the payment rollout for the first stimulus check was rife with errors.READ MORE

Distance learning requires a universal basic income – Uprise RI - Uprise RI

Uprise RI“ At the end of the day, we know that Black and brown, undocumented, medically compromised, disabled, neurodiverse and folx with mental health needs will suffer the most health consequences if we reopen; and they will suffer the most economically if we move to a plan where all students remain home and Distance Learn .”Parents need to be able to AFFORD to stay at home safely with their children, or have the extra income to pay for alternative childcare if schools are closed.READ MORE

Basic income support: Part of it can be in form of vouchers for food, healthcare, education - The Financial Express

The Financial ExpressSupporters of basic income often believe an unconditional safety net can help people out of poverty, by giving them the time to apply for jobs or learn essential new skills.In such a situation, what can provide a safety net as well as encourage people to spend and revive demand?READ MORE

UN chief: World 'at the breaking point' with vast inequality - Al Jazeera English

Al Jazeera English"The nations that came out on top 70 years ago have refused to contemplate the reforms needed to change power relations in international institutions," Guterres said in his blunt speech, pointing to the voting rights in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), where the United Kingdom, China, France, Russia and the United States have veto powers.United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has warned the world is at a "breaking point" and calls for a new model for global governance to tackle inequalities exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic.READ MORE

Modern Monetary Theory: How MMT is challenging the economic establishment - ABC News

ABC NewsMMT argues it's the other way around — national governments have to spend money into the economy before they can tax or borrow.They argue a country like Australia that controls its own currency doesn't need to tax or borrow before its national government can spend money — the government can create all the money it needs to fund itself … within limits.READ MORE

How much a basic income grant will cost South Africa - BusinessTech

BusinessTechMinister of Social Development Lindiwe Zulu says that South Africa will introduce a universal basic income grant as part of a range of packages to help the country’s unemployed – but this plan is still a couple of years away from becoming a reality, analysts say.Intellidex analyst Peter Attard Montalto said that debate around a basic income grant has been ongoing for around 20 years, and has even been a subject of previous research, which found it could reduce poverty in the country by as much as 75%.READ MORE

The US Inequality Debate - Council on Foreign Relations

Council on Foreign RelationsJason Furman, a former chair of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, has argued that inequality is not the primary driver of stagnating wages and that the United States should boost productivity by investing in infrastructure, research, and education, among other policies.Economists say the causes of worsening inequality are complex and include a failure to adapt to globalization and technological change, shifting tax policy, and long-standing racial and gender discrimination.READ MORE

FaceTec ZoOm biometrics selected to balance privacy and security for universal basic income - Biometric Update

Biometric UpdateJourney partnership revealed FaceTec has also been revealed as the facial recognition partner for Journey , which just announced the launch of a new Trusted Identity platform based on Zero Knowledge proofs .Face biometrics technology from FaceTec has been integrated with an app to support universal basic income delivery by GoodDollar The GoodDollar UBI wallet application scans users’ faces for identity verification on sign-up, or the next time they use it in the case of existing customers, and then again every two weeks to make sure each person has only one account.READ MORE

'Guaranteed income' would help close California's racial wealth gap - Black Voice News

Black Voice NewsA coalition of mayors are advocating for a guaranteed income that would improve the livelihood of many California children and families.While a guaranteed income policy could help reduce poverty and wealth gaps, it is far from providing families with any form of wealth.READ MORE

How South Korea uses local currencies for basic income, COVID-19 relief payments - Ledger Insights

Ledger InsightsPlus, the province has its Gyeonggi Money application, which is widely accepted in stores, but to help support small businesses, it targets shops with revenues of less than 1 billion Won ($830,000).Some provinces already have local digital currencies and used this for the relief payments.READ MORE

South Africa to introduce universal income grant - minister - Reuters Africa

Reuters AfricaJOHANNESBURG, July 13 (Reuters) - South Africa will introduce a universal basic income grant, the Minister of Social Development Lindiwe Zulu said on Monday, unexpectedly reviving a two-decades-old plan with the aim of supporting millions of unemployed.Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the government had planned to spend 309.5 billion rand ($18.51 billion) on social security payments this year.READ MORE

We Are Mayors of 11 U.S. Cities Advocating for Guaranteed Income

TimeDirect, unconditional cash gives people the freedom to spend money on their most immediate needs — be it food for their household, repairing a car to get to work, medicine to treat a loved one or simply rent.And Mayor Brown (Compton, Calif.) announced a partnership with the nonprofit Give Directly , which gives cash directly to people living in poverty, to distribute $1,000 to families that receive food stamps benefits.READ MORE

Discussing Digital Cash with the Bank of England

Positive MoneyIn March 2020, the Bank of England published a new discussion paper on Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) – an important step towards an official launch.Positive Money made a formal response to the Bank of England here – read on for a summary of our comments and the reasons why digital cash should be at the heart of our vision for a fair, democratic and sustainable economy.READ MORE

Universal basic income would mean a real 'levelling up' - The Times

The TimesWhy has the UK had one of the highest death tolls from Covid and why has the North been hit so hard? If I were the chancellor, I would begin my statement today by acknowledging the need to face up to this uncomfortable truth as part of putting resilience at the heart of the recovery process. READ MORE

Andrew Yang: “We are experiencing 10 years of change in 10 weeks” - Verdict

VerdictAndrew Yang, former US presidential candidate and founder of Humanity Forward, is deeply concerned about how the acceleration of technology in response to the pandemic is going to impact many American citizens.“Right now we’re looking at 38 to 39 million unemployment claims, which is an underestimate of the actual level of displacement because a lot of people were in very tenuous jobs that aren’t going to be able to afford filed for unemployment,” he says.READ MORE

Time for a universal basic income - The Irish Times

The Irish TimesSir, – The most effective method of reviving the economy and protecting sustainable businesses is to fund a universal basic income for all Irish citizens at 21. Besides the high economic multiplier effect, universal basic income is effective, efficient and provides many social benefits, creating financially independent citizens in a more just society, while also reducing many of the social ills of our society. READ MORE

The UK considers universal vouchers | BIEN — Basic Income Earth Network - Basic Income News

Basic Income NewsThe Guardian newspaper reports that the UK Treasury is considering sending vouchers to everyone to spend on a range of goods. This would not be a Basic Income, but it shares some of its characteristics and would be an interesting experiment to watch. READ MORE

Rishi Sunak urged to give every Brit a £500 voucher to boost spending - Metro.co.uk

Metro.co.ukA universal ‘High Street Voucher’ scheme – worth £500 per adult and £250 per child – to be spent only in these sectors would kickstart demand in the right parts of our economy, boost living standards and deliver targeted support to the businesses that need help the most.’ James Smith, Research Director at the Resolution Foundation, said: ’As well as setting out the biggest ever peacetime job support programme, the Chancellor should get Britain spending in places where it’s needed most.READ MORE

Looking Back To The 1930s: Lessons From The Great Depression - WBUR

WBUR( @JackBeattyNPR ) From The Reading List Futurity: " The Great Depression proved we need government in a crisis " — "As the world reckons with an economic crisis that the International Monetary Fund anticipates to be the worst recession since the Great Depression, what can we learn from history?How are these two events similar, and how are they different?" NPR : "' A Lot To Be Hopeful For': Crisis Seen As Historic, Not Another Great Depression " — "With the U.S. economy in free-fall, a lot of forecasters have been digging deep into the history books, looking for a guideposts of what to expect.READ MORE

Is it time to rethink work as we know it? - The Canberra Times

The Canberra TimesIt's no wonder that, in this context, there's been so much discussion around alternative models, from shorter working weeks to Universal Basic Income to worker-owned co-operatives, which give people more control over their work lives.READ MORE: The time saved on commuting, and the way family life rubbed up against work life during lockdown, triggered conversations about how we might introduce a shorter working week for the same pay.READ MORE

Commentary: What if the feds sent you $1200 every month? - The Daily World

The Daily WorldOn a bitter cold spring night 14 months ago, back in a more magical time when all things seemed possible in the 2020 president race, I stood on the steps leading down to Washington’s great Reflecting Pool waiting to hear from the most unlikely and arguably intriguing Democrat of all, the businessman and political neophyte Andrew Yang.The money allowed millions with no income to pay the rent, buy groceries or other goods (even more so for those who received a temporary $600 weekly boost in unemployment checks).READ MORE

What if the feds sent you $1,200 every month? | Will Bunch Newsletter - The Philadelphia Inquirer

The Philadelphia InquirerMany of America’s iconic consumer brands — Walmart, Best Buy, Apple, Wendy’s, and more — reported a healthy uptick in sales in late April, when the checks arrived (and some are surely terrified of August, when the supersized unemployment checks end). READ MORE

Universal Basic Income: Who Pays for It - Pressenza, International Press Agency

Pressenza, International Press AgencyThat’s why it appears to be reasonable, practicable and fair to get part of this money from the privileged class to finance the UBI, allowing the vast majority of people to benefit from it.The UBI, besides being sustained by tax increasing, would also gain from the cuts of other social benefits like the administrative expenditure for financial allowances, that would be replaced with other provisions.READ MORE

Elon Musk supports UBI as mayor coalition explores pilots in 11 cities - Business Insider - Business Insider

Business InsiderThe coalition's website quotes Martin Luther King's assertion that "the solution to poverty is to abolish it directly by a now widely discussed measure: the guaranteed income." The cities in question are Stockton, Compton, Los Angeles, and Oakland in California; Newark, New Jersey; Columbia, South Carolina; Atlanta, Georgia; St. Paul, Minnesota; Jackson, Mississippi, Shreveport, Louisiana; and Tacoma, Washington.Elon Musk reiterated his support for universal basic income (UBI) on Monday in response to a tweet from Martin Luther King's daughter Bernice.READ MORE

The Pandemic Shows It's Time for an Alternative to American Capitalism - The Appeal

The AppealThe COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the inherent flaws of American capitalism, a profit-driven system of winners and losers that is unprepared to respond to a national emergency and ill-equipped to address the basic needs of society.Under a system of “managed capitalism,” the government would regulate the business sector more robustly; tax corporations to pay for infrastructure, education, and other social goods; and implement industrial policy in the mold of many East Asian nations such as Japan, China, and South Korea.READ MORE

From Zoom To Money-Printing, Covid Fast-Forwards The Future - Forbes

ForbesHow long this immediate boost to the economy will withstand will depend on how much the government continues to support the unemployed, but right now we are getting a glimpse of the future.For example, someone uses their government check to invest in a tech company using AI to replace assembly-line work at a factor in – wait a minute – oh wait, that’s right.READ MORE

Unemployment is the next crisis – we cannot repeat the mistakes of the 1980s

Positive MoneyThroughout that decade, the government implemented anti-union legislation and deregulated labour markets to make firing and hiring easier, and allow greater flexibility in employment contracts and hours worked.However, even more concerning than the figures themselves, is the government’s failure to recognise the misguided policies which created the UK’s precarious labour market in the first place; characterised by low wages, underemployment and zero hour contracts.READ MORE

Green Party's $8b plan would guarantee income of $325 a week, and pay for it with a wealth tax on millionaires - Stuff.co.nz

Stuff.co.nzThe party expects this would raise $7.9b in its first year, covering the cost of the guaranteed minimum income policy.This guaranteed minimum income plan would cost $7.9b a year - roughly half what is spent on NZ Super, but almost twice what is spent on current working age benefits.READ MORE

Reimagining Capitalism for a Broken World

Harvard Business ReviewJune 24, 2020 More than half of the world’s population believe capitalism is doing more harm than good. But is it beyond repair, or can it be fixed from within? Harvard Business School professor Rebecca Henderson joins Azeem Azhar to share her vision of purpose-driven capitalism, where companies can make good profits by doing the right thing. READ MORE

Universal basic income in Colombia, a matter of time? - Colombia Reports

Colombia ReportsColombia’s government is under increasing pressure from Congress and economists to stop serving private interests and implement a universal basic income to save the economy.The proposal seeks to strip the corporations of their tax discount to implement a basic income, which is supported by economists and think tanks who are becoming increasingly vocal.READ MORE

Why has the pandemic increased support for Universal Basic Income? - British Politics and Policy at LSE

British Politics and Policy at LSEPeople could represent the costs and benefits of UBI: they thought the simplicity of the policy to administer was a plus, as was its potential to reduce stress and anxiety by providing universal security.They thought the policy would be good for stopping people falling between the cracks, and would also be effective when people’s life situations were subject to rapid change, when presumably means-tested assistance schemes would struggle to keep up.READ MORE

Meet BlackRock, the New Great Vampire Squid

WEB OF DEBT BLOGBlackRock is a global financial giant with customers in 100 countries and its tentacles in major asset classes all over the world; and it now manages the spigots to trillions of bailout dollars from the Federal Reserve.BlackRock’s strategic importance and political weight were evident when four BlackRock executives, led by former Swiss National Bank head Philipp Hildebrand, presented a proposal at the annual meeting of central bankers in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, in August 2019 for an economic reset that was actually put into effect in March 2020.READ MORE

The case for a Universal Basic Income: freeing artists from neo-liberalism - ArtsHub UK

ArtsHub UKIt’s this whole-of-society approach that makes the UBI a meaningful proposition for addressing the financial discrimination that characterises our arts sector because, unlike many income support schemes, it includes all of us, all citizens.It embodies the basic principles of the discourse around a Living Wage for Artists and challenges the arts sector’s refusal to undertake a redistribution of existing and future funds that acknowledges the work of artists through the prisms of quality, fairness, equity and reach.READ MORE

Universal basic income would revolutionise mothers’ lives, whose unpaid work keeps society going - The Canary

The CanaryYes, I do know fathers are immensely important too, many working equally hard and needing support, but it is women who carry and birth the children and do the bulk of the ‘work’ in most households – childcare, cooking, cleaning etc.We provide creative peer support groups for mostly new and isolated mums to highlight the importance of and address post-natal mental health needs.READ MORE

How Cryptocurrency Can Help in Paying Universal Basic Income

CointelegraphThe utopian idea of universal basic income — which has been with humanity for at least half a millenia — can become real with digital currency. READ MORE

'We Need to Rewrite the Rules of the Economy' - westsidespirit.com

westsidespirit.comSo if you’re concerned, as we all should be about police brutality and surveillance and civil liberties and freedom, protecting fundamental data rights is a critical, critical piece of that at the forefront.The fundamental reality of our time is that not only is data the new oil, but actually, we’ve all been working for firms like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Netflix and Uber, to the tune of trillions of dollars, because our data is actually the food, the source for the algorithms and the artificial intelligence and machine learning.READ MORE

Vetting VP Contender Kamala Harris' Views on Retirement - The 401(k) Specialist

The 401(k) SpecialistWhen Harris released her own version of a “Medicare for All” plan in July 2019 with a longer transition period of 10 years, the proposal intended to pay for the program largely by imposing a financial transactions tax that would impact retirement savers—even though she said at the time her plan would not raise taxes on the middle class.With the likelihood of being selected as Joe Biden’s democratic running mate for the November presidential election increasing in recent weeks, it’s time to take a closer look at Kamala Harris’ views on retirement saving.READ MORE

Canadian universal basic income experiment has been life-changing for those unemployed amid coronavirus - The World

The WorldAnd as governments scramble to come up with ways to financially support people out of work because of the pandemic, many economists and politicians say the Canadian program is proof the time has finally come for a no-strings-attached, guaranteed income.Beverly Harlow, Canadian on jobless benefit program “It’s really empowered us.READ MORE

To save the British economy, don't just open shops – give people the cash to spend - The Guardian

The GuardianBut this is money going mostly in the form of debt into the banking system, including schemes to help businesses through the crisis.The official estimate is that direct government spending will rise by £337bn , but of this only half will go straight into people’s pockets through the furlough scheme.READ MORE

Walsingham and Yang Team up to Promote Basic Income - PRNewswire

PRNewswire, June 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Blair Walsingham, candidate for US Congress TN District 1, announced today an endorsement by former presidential candidate Andrew Yang and his non-profit, Humanity Forward.Walsingham's platform leads with Universal Basic Income which she says will root out poverty and offer the opportunity for Americans to invest in themselves through education and entrepreneurship.READ MORE

Opinion: The future according to an elderly white male | The - Colorado Springs Business Journal

Colorado Springs Business JournalIf Joe Biden wins, and Democrats seize control of the Senate while retaining the House, the former vice president will have a tiger by the tail.Could (or would) Democrats in the House and Senate pass such bills, and would a once-cautious centrist like Sleepy Joe sign them?READ MORE

What would an Ireland with a Universal Basic Income look like? - Echo Live

Echo LiveOne that has increasingly been gaining attention globally is the concept of a Universal Basic Income (UBI), an automatic payment from the state to every adult legal resident, without conditions attached.SINCE the pandemic began, there has been a host of suggestions about the measures we as a society should put in place to support people through the emergency and rebuild our economy in the months and years to come.READ MORE